Book Review of Trading Saints for Sinners – A Review by Ayesha F. Hamid

All of us have secrets and things that we wish we had done differently.  Reading Roman Colombo’s Trading Saints for Sinners gives the reader a glimpse into the life of Caden Conrad, a life that has been unalterably changed by his past and the secrets that he keeps.  Moving through Trading Saints for Sinners, we take the journey with Caden, a journalist, as he decides whether he will continue his concealment or open up to a woman, Ariadne, with a past of her own.

What is remarkable about this novella is the fact that a philosophical discussion is skillfully weaved into the fast-paced narrative.  Dealing with significant philosophical and moral questions, Colombo gives interesting perspectives on issues relating to good, evil, lies, sin, and redemption.

Along with the narrative, the reader is also drawn in by the detailed setting which helps to place the characters in a precise place and time.  Within the first few pages, one is transported to Frankfurt, Germany’s underground, a place where people are bought and sold.  The setting isn’t limited to Frankfurt, though, because Caden, along with Ariadne, have been to many places, and their journeys are recounted in the narrative.

Trading Saints for Sinners is filled with unique supernatural elements, presented in a way which suspends reality.  The fallen angel, Mephistopheles, makes an appearance, and offers Caden choices which will undoubtedly change his future.

Through no fault of the author, there are a few typos in the book, which sometimes slow the narrative.  Despite these errors; however, this book is thoroughly enjoyable due to the combination of the above-mentioned elements.  While reading Trading Saints for Sinners, I felt drawn into the story, and, for a few hours, given full access to the character’s lives.  So, if you want a glimpse into the life of a journalist, trying to escape his past, traveling the world, and meeting Mephistopheles, then I highly recommend reading Trading Saints for Sinners.

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