The Moment I Knew You

Was it just the wondrous weather
or love at first sight?
While thinking on it
I surmised
that the joy in seeing you
had absolutely nothing to do
with the warming star overhead,
the sky’s soft blue,
or the air just right.

Naysayers would shake their heads
saying that I felt nothing,
a reaction of the eyes,
a physical longing,
substandard and secondary
to something real,
but they must never have felt
what it is
to have everything stop,
seemingly for an eternity,
held within seconds,
life’s movements
including the breath
while all that is wished for
is to bend at the knee
to look up at you
not in worship,
but in an attempt to know
everything of who you are
who you will be.

Wasn’t it love
when I wished the best for you
within that moment I knew you?

I watched you suck on a cigarette
and step out of a car
already overflowing with smoke.
I’d have taken the pack from your pocket
swiftly snatched the cigarette
from your hand
and used the bottom of my shoe
to destroy that dangerous stick
to extinguish it
hoping that I
could light up your life
with something else.


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