“The Past” by Ayesha F. Hamid

She said, “stop looking back,
the past ain’t got much,
just the ugliness of betrayal.”

I said, “I know, there’s much we don’t
see coming, so much despair,
but this winding trail has led me back there,
to that invisible tether running forward and back,
connecting me to everyone, to everything
that has been and will be,
while some force keeps moving me,
just like I was once propelled towards life
with all its challenges, its strife,
pushed from some unknown place,
just like I am now propelled
towards eventual death,

but the whole point always was and is
that everything, everyone, the you and me


in that is the truth

when we get to the end, we will forget
what was unimportant, the aggression,
the greed, and yes, the betrayal.

trust me, then…

we will only see the helpers,
the ones who really cared,
emissaries sent to be in our midst,
they are all that ever mattered
the only ones that were ever real.

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