“True Friend” by Ayesha F. Hamid

When you thought you could stop caring
for people who never cared for you,
but then realize you will always care
because that is what you do,
as long as your heart beats
and red blood pushes
forward and through
into your body
into your mind,
a kaleidoscope of care and concern,
your heart filled with the need
to hold everyone up, to make sure
everyone is okay, that no one is left behind
in life or suffering from strife.

Those who betrayed never cared
about leaving you there,
though you still do, faithful forever,
bearing much, a true friend
from now until the end.

“Succession” by Ayesha F. Hamid

Look at night skies ascend
as the day comes too quickly to an end.

Young stars start to cross,
covering the field of narrowing night sky,
constellations congealing, shining yet pale,
as sleep takes the world away.

The earth quietly moves changing space,
never returning to that exact place
before the world wakes.

With succession like cyclones, the new day
will overwhelm the body, the heart, the brain,
taking away whatever life is left.

But hold the memory of the morning always
and don’t forget to feel it all:

the air against your face, the softness of the sun
at break of day, its rays translucent,
never harsh, never blaring, never burning,
life’s breath moving in and out,
sustaining you till the end.

“The Moment I Knew” You by Ayesha F. Hamid

Was it just the wondrous weather
or love at first sight?

While thinking on it, I surmised
that the joy in seeing you
had absolutely nothing to do
with the warming star overhead,
the sky’s soft blue, or the air just right.

Naysayers would shake their heads
saying that I felt nothing, a reaction
of the eyes, a physical longing, substandard
and secondary to something real,
but they must never have felt what it is
to have everything stop, seemingly for an eternity,
held within seconds, life’s movements,
including the breath while all that is wished for
is to bend at the knee to look up at you,
not in worship, but in an attempt to know
everything of who you are, who you will be.

Wasn’t it love when I wished the best for you
within that moment I knew you?

I watched you suck on a cigarette, stepping
out of a car already overflowing with smoke.
I’d have taken the pack from your pocket,
swiftly snatched the cigarette from your hand,
used the bottom of my shoe to destroy
that dangerous stick, to extinguish it


hoping that I could light up
your life with something else.

“Vibrations” by Ayesha F. Hamid

Even with our sounds,
our laughs, our cries,
even as the vibrations run
it’s still going to happen,
happen to everyone,
the end of our own hum
the end of you and me
the end of everything, everyone.

Hold onto me before I go,
give me a memory
that will cling
when I’m in the throws,
in the midst of it all,
when I become witness
to that tunnel, my last travel
as levity leaves me
and light encompasses me
be the flickering photograph,
of the loving touch
of your human hands,
the moment I start to forget
everything of the past
everything of the world,
as I melt into the unknown.