“Burden” by Ayesha F. Hamid

So much weight, the back bends.
Pressure pushing deeper down,
deeper into the ground. Without
this weight, what needed to be,
could have been done with
more energy, more life left.
But burdens meant to bury stay
until they break the will, prodding, poking,
eviscerating everything, so all that
remains is the sound
of animals languishing in loss, and a heart
full of fear, judgement, and betrayal.

“Love on the Street” by Ayesha F. Hamid

I look up crookedly, just a bum on the street,
but I can still see the things you don’t think
I can see – the steps you take, the role you play
the stride with which you walk
makes its way deep into the recesses of my heart,
out through every tear, every drop,
the liquid filled with lore and longing,

and as long as I have eyes, which can offer
love at first sight, the greatest gift
a human soul can give, even when crouched
down on the ground, staring without a sound,
I give you the only thing I have to give – LOVE.