Anyone’s memory can be erased except yours friend seems your shadow will stay haunting mind, heart, soul from the moment you left till my last breath the pictures of you repeating always

Understanding the Why of Actions: Curtis Smith Interviews Ayesha F. Hamid

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Ayesha F. Hamid is a poet and creative nonfiction writer, published in Big Easy Review, Philly Flash Inferno, and Rathalla Review. Her full-length memoir, The Borderland Between Worlds, is available through Auctus Publishers at Barnes and Nobles, Amazon, and Target. Ayesha also has a full-length poetry collection called Waiting for Resurrection. Ayesha holds an M.F.A. in Creative Writing and…

Escape, 2020

A woman scribbles with the movement of her pen is able to change what’s unpleasant and describes only water that drips below and birds that sing above a melody forcing her ear to pay homage as she writes of sun rays lighting the earth with yellow, green, blue all the while avoiding thoughts of the … More Escape, 2020


Even herculean imagination will not bring the mind to reason that newcomers mean no harm mean only to lead towards better destinations, maybe, even to a place like Shangri-La. Could they really be different than the ones who arrived lifetimes ago and left their scars? In the beginning they too were so sweet yet always … More Isolation

The Book of Stone by Jonathan Papernick – A Book Review by Ayesha Hamid

A single event, in our lives, can make us question everything, changing beliefs we thought were permanent and moving the future towards a drastically different direction. The main character in Jonathan Papernick’s The Book of Stone, Matthew Stone, deals with precisely such a life changing event, which makes him question everything. Walter Stone, Matthew’s father … More The Book of Stone by Jonathan Papernick – A Book Review by Ayesha Hamid

T. Nicole Cirone’s Nine Nails: A Review by Ayesha F. Hamid

How much pressure can a spouse’s loyalty and fidelity withstand? How seriously do individuals take their vows of marriage? How many times can someone help another human being who is clearly lost and has no compass? The answer to these, as well to other questions, are explored in T. Nicole Cirone’s beautifully written novel, Nine … More T. Nicole Cirone’s Nine Nails: A Review by Ayesha F. Hamid

My Memoir: The Borderland Between Worlds

Hi Everyone, Please check out my debut memoir, The Borderland Between Worlds which explores issues of immigration, belonging, bullying and mental health. “Not fully belonging anywhere or with anyone is a great burden to bear..but it can be a place of incomparable strength.” The Borderland Between Worlds is available on Amazon and Barnes and … More My Memoir: The Borderland Between Worlds

Tori Bond’s Familyism: A Review by Ayesha F. Hamid

Family means different things to different people, and Author, Tori Bond, explores the vagarities and variances of family in her debut, flash-fiction collection, Familyism. Whether her stories consist of children spending time in nature and performing plays or townspeople, sitting in a bar and dreaming of a way out, Bond is able to create entire … More Tori Bond’s Familyism: A Review by Ayesha F. Hamid