A Night in California

The streets are wide, everything is green,
floating in the air, a pervading sense of peace.
I stand in your villa, an open expanse
everywhere the eye can see.
I stroll through open avenues,
I stroll with you, the owner of all this beauty.
Leaving the parameters, we walk down the street,
the breeze is just right as flowers fall delicately,
pink and white among the lush green. 

We turn corners, a store surfaces
with everything we need. 

Neighbors smile warm smiles,
chatting with us in Spanish. 

We head back, enter through the gates,
returning to finish with preparations
as guests wait.

You’ve worked this day like every other,
so strong, so brave,
even on your wedding day. 

I guide you to the veranda where we sit
for a second, remembering everything that
brought you to this moment.

For a second your façade fades
and you admit that life has been difficult.
I hold out my hand, pick you up,
embrace you, sending you on your way.

I join the crowd as the cool
breeze touches my face.

The sun goes down, as I wait
for you to take the stage.

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