“Potential” by Ayesha F. Hamid

Will your little hands comparable to
the tapping hands of Handel
be remembered?

Will your young mind comparable
in acumen to Curie flourish?

How much violence deflects and how much
is imbibed by your little, grandiose mind?

Remember that perfect railroad track, your trains
turning the corners of a miniature city?

We both smiled playing but your creation
brought out something unexpected
when we saw a display of his volatile spite.

He kicked the railroad, destroying your city,
your perfect dream came to an end 
as your smiled moved to sobbing, dear, sweet child.

Always remember though that imagination,
like elemental energy, cannot be destroyed
and no matter the destruction
we will wait for the emergence of your genius
as distinct as Da Vinci’s.

One day, you will flower again
with sweet stems outstretched,
absorbing all light, shutting out
any darkness that comes your way.

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