I wish I didn’t think of you
every time I ate ice cream
but I’m reminded of our ritual,
the dinners on Fridays,
and always the ice cream afterwards.

If only vanilla or strawberry
had sufficed
we wouldn’t have had
that fight.

We could have continued
to talk and laugh and thrive,
a whole world left
for us to explore,
though to traveling with me,
you always said no.

Simply put,
simple flavors
never interested you,
and simple things never
persuaded you.

Everything you wanted
had to be the best
had to be complex,
cookies and cream
with chocolate sauce,
butter pecan with
whip cream on top,
little edible masterpieces
for the world to see,
while my scoop of strawberry
forced you to scoff.
Still, you didn’t understand
why I asked us to part.

What point did you see?
How would you possibly
ever have learned the truth about me
that I’m predictable, simple, but sweet,
just like a single scoop
of strawberry ice cream.


One thought on “Simplicity

  1. I see this as more of a critique of modern fad society. Brilliant! Less gorey and mopey than usual! (Still on the negative side, but more anger than depressed which is a overall good sign I think…) Keep up the good work!

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